Work at ANTZ Media

I am working at Antz media right now.Its an SMO company (Internet marketing company) and yes Im in the  marketing team 🙂 .I think its because my Boss Ramakanth sir,believes in “Men must think and machines must work” policy that even the office is furnished like a home(with bamboo couch and all).In the Interview day,I thought I was at the wrong place (in some one’s home instead of the office).But later I realized its part of the company philosophy :- “no pressure,no matter what”.

I had this short stint at Tata Tele services.My job was to sell EPBX (thats the thing used to connect places with more than 3 tele phone lines) to corporates.Nope it was not a big job as it just sounded.I was the guy you see at your door at home (doing door to door marketing).Except the home is replaced by  companies but in corporate world I was the same door to door marketing guy.

I hated the job because of the target  pressure in the start and the corporate politics (yes trust me,it was like MTV roadies style bitching at office).But later I got the trick and was starting to enjoy it too.

Like, I learnt that you must use whatever you have to get an impression. So I said goodbye to malayalam(language of kerala) introduction and hello to “hi im from tata tele services 😉 “.

Because my exams happened on November I said tata to TATA tele services :).

It was after November that I found Antz or Antz found me.And the work culture is opposite of  what i experienced at Tata.I mean wouldn’t you feel good at work,if the thing called pressure is subtracted from the job?.My work at Antz deals with SMO or online branding and the work at helped me get hired.

Its the Antz media,that does the online branding for Oberon mall,green pepper consultancy etc.The best thing about the job here is ‘learning’.Met with sr mangers at big brands like Ramada resorts,V guard etc (finally the Xenophobic in me is staging a goodbye).Hey thats Sree my senior at the Marketing room  ( me behind the D90 camera 😀 ).


Half Blind X-mas

Xmas was fun.Its been 4 long years since i visited Trivandrum and I never got a chance to see my aunts new flat.Its 4 and a half straight drive to Trivandrum.In between had a chance to sip a cup of coffee at this place

I seriously thought on why dad agreed to have the evening coffee here,it looked really expensive to me.But he knew about the restaurant at Alappey before.Its called Kalpakavady.So guys if you are passing by ,do check in and drink a coffee(not the cafe latte ,but the nadan style coffee served).Was light on pocket too,the bill for the four of us was below 100 buks.

We reached the flat at trivandrum(near the medical college) at about 9 :00 pm and I got an excellent eye infection.So Xmas was spent half blind 😛

25th Xmas day we went around the shanghumugham beach.It was not super cool but it sure was fun.My grand mother had a good time and all of us were happy to see her happy :).

The beach was house full.Never knew the trivandrum people were this out going :).We had to wait an hour just to take the car out from the parking lot.Driving was not fun that day.Not because of  the traffic but because of me being half blind.

Visited attukal temple (famous for Pongala) and Time flew. It was about 9:00p.m and we decided to have dinner at Devu’s(my cousin sister) favorite place KEPCO.

Its owned by the Government of kerala( we didnt know that) and it took them half an hour to inform us that they are closed for the day.So its a big dis-like to KEPCO.The opposite hotel S & S had the honour of serving a half blind driver and people with him.

Next day we headed straight to Nilamel.That place is one of my favorite places in the world.Nilamel used to be a lonely village town.The whole of Nilamel had less than a hundred families.Imagine a hilly village with lots of  Rubber estates and fewer people.To add cherry to the cake there is this awesome home of abu chettan which had all modern gadgetry like video game (super mario,contra to name a few 😉 ) .Now that was in my 2nd standard, things are getting more crowded at Nilamel with fewer rubber and more of  people.But abu chettan’s home is still the same(video games got replaced with wi-fi 😉 ).All credits goes to Kochachachan and Kunjammamma (they look exactly the same as they did when I was in 2nd standard).Thats abu chettan’s home right below.

we used to have the most awesome time at Nilamel.It was more like adventure , trekking an entire hill and reach the top was like climbing mount everest in second grade.Me and abhiram (my cousin at nilamel) climbed Mount Everest this time too.This is the top of  not the world,but top of Nilamel :D.

Reached back home at Cochin on sunday night just to discover that Im not half blind any more :).

Dedicated to all my Summer Fields School Friends

This ones for all my Summer Fields School friends from 6th grade :)(sorry guys,didnt know how to tag some one in a video at facebook..thats why I had to link you guys to my stupid blog:) )
its a sad song sung by Kailash Kher for a mallu(read kerala) movie.It was a huge hit here in Kerala.But I figured you guys never had a chance to hear about this one.
Agreed its sad..but hey isnt the story of Kashmir sad?
and yea its hindi 😉

The LSD connection

“Things changed”…thats what my grandmom says about how the life in her village changed and how the change is effecting her(not exactly in malayalam to be exact but you got my point right :p ).These days “things change faster”.I mean it was just a few years ago that I saw a Nokia 6600 and was awestruck, learning about the vga camera.Now no one wants a 6600 (even if it is for free).

I have a friend’s brother in my facebook friendslist.He is a hard rock (music ) fan and posts videos of his favorite bands in facebook religiously.These bands have a history of LSD music or physcedilc(music that needs you to take in drugs to enjoy..well thats what they say about LSD).My Friends bro is a teenager and is literally trying to mimic each and everything the band does.Who knows may be this mimicing might lead him to try Drugs ultimately.My be it is my imagination .But with western lifestyle sweeping in and majority of Indians going in for blind imitation .LSD trouble might not be that long away .

Last Monday I had this opportunity to interview an upcoming prog instrumental rock band based on Kochi called ‘KAAV’.The interview was for a website that me and my friends run( asked this question because of the above mentioned fear that i secretly nurture

We at Kochigallan think music is at its purest form when it is consumed alone(without drugs in plain english 🙂 )…In other words Is Kaav into psychedelic rock?..What do you guys have to say about psychedelic drug/entheogen LSD music?

To which Syam(the lead man of the band replied)

Adhikam Ayaal Amrutum Visham”(excessive intake of anything is lethal)

Im glad the indie version of rock bands knows the limits.Hope my friends brother reads this and understand the limits too.

Justin is the next big thing….is he?

“Justin is the next big thing” whole world is shouting that.Yes he has more dislikes than likes in youtube..but remember Britney?.Every one says they hate her,yet her albums are runaway hits ;).I like Justin,not because his music has that magic which transcends you but his modesty :D.Yup you heard that right?..the guy has decent ‘watchable’ videos..Check out any of the chart busting videos and you would now..they are like watching a porn movie…Don’t believe me ?check out the way you lie or Maroon 5 latest misery man…you would know it yourself 😉


A photo, they say is liking Freezing a second in time.I agree (to them 🙂 ).The snap was taken almost two years back(from the date of post).We were wandering from fort Kochi to Mattanchery by foot when we spotted this awesome buliding that was brought down by time.All of us became serious and went about doing our job(posing and more posing for photos :D).I had alfi’s mobile cam with me and was viewing the scene in it.FREEZED the moment 🙂

Smiley Card

A Discount card is something that will sell always.Even if the economy goes to the recession mode(shrinks) people will look for more discounts (even if they purchase less).You just have to adjust the product mix involved with the card(go for low cost options rather than snob value products).Thankfully  India(read kerala,where smiley card is currently focused and has origins in) is growing close to the double digit( while other economies are posting negative growth).The pace at which Smileycard had been growing is just outstanding.Smiley card is available in almost all the urban part of Kerala (happened very fast).This pace doesn’t seems to be cooling off anytime soon.Smiley is aiming for Bangalore now :).

Discount card is a market in Kerala where even the major players had burnt hands in.Yet my good friend Andrine proved that passion along with the right ingredients can make the impossible possible(like the launch of his latest venture COF),hats off man :).

The above part is what we all are familiar with(if you followed @andrine from the beginning that is).There is nothing new.Well here is something new.I read an article of Business world(16th August 2010) titled ‘Scaling Discounts”.The article mentions four websites websites plays in the same’ discount card ‘category.Agreed Kochi (or even the whole of Kerala) is not a matured market as far as Internet is concerned.You can brand a product online.But to covert traffic to revenue is another story(not to mention when its a discount card).But with a lot of projects(smart city,lulu,LNG etc) waiting to happen(it will bring in potential customers from other parts of the country) I think it is time smileycard focus on giving the online consumer power(to buy the card online).Bringing in Inspiraton from the four websites mentione above wont be a bad idea.

Care must also be taken to ensure that ,focus would not be lost while exapnding to newer makets(like Banglore).Because even though there isnt comeptiton in the homeground,things might change soon.

I wish all the very best to andrine.keep rocking dude 🙂